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What is PeakIT?

PeakIT is a conference about the community, organized by the AgileHub NGO. Learning, sharing and contributing in this IT community creates new opportunities for people all over the country.

This year, PeakIT is not just a conference; it’s a commitment to make a positive impact. Half of the earnings from ticket sales will be dedicated to supporting a few non-profit organizations, amplifying our collective efforts to contribute to meaningful causes. Stay in contact; we will let you know soon which NGOs will benefit from your participation. The remaining funds will ensure a vibrant event experience with top-notch spaces and delicious food for all participants.


Why attend?

Innovative Insights: Immerse yourself in cutting-edge workshops and presentations that explore the latest trends and innovations in the IT industry.

Community Building: Forge connections with like-minded professionals, strengthen the bonds of our IT community, and actively contribute to its growth.

Social Responsibility: By participating in PeakIT 2024, you’re not just investing in your professional development; you’re also making a difference in the lives of those supported by the chosen NGO’s.










Kirk Pepperdine

Principle Java Engineer - Microsoft

Laurenţiu Spilcă

Author / Java Trainer / Development Consultant

Andrei Danila

CEO at CODE932

Alexandru Panait

Founder, Researcher, Forbes 30 under 30

Cornel Fătulescu

CPO, Chief Platform Officer

Silviu Niculita

Effective Technology Executive, Microsoft AI MVP

Cătălin Tudose

Java and Web Tech Expert, Author, Trainer

Dan Patrascu-Baba

Technical Architect, Tech Youtuber

Ioan Posa

Engineering Director and Co-Founder @Leaders in Tech

Vasile Putină

CTO, AgileCoach

Corina Stirbu

Fractional CMO

Claudiu Gura

IT Solution Architect

Dan Lungu

City Manager, Coordonator „Ciugud Smart Village”

Casian Stupari

Software Automation Engineer

Cosmin Maxim

User Experience Lead & Design Sprints trainer


Lovely people that helped organizing this event

Camelia Codarcea

Agile Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Diana Chitigoii

Social Media and Marketing Manager

Andreea Moldovan

AgileCoach, Learning Programs Manager at AgileHub

Ioana Conțiu

Web Designer

Cristian Conțiu

Full-stack & Symfony Developer

Cristi Hurhui

Product Designer

Valentina Edroi

Product Owner


These are the organizations we choose to support in 2024 - join us

PeakIT through the years


Peak IT is organized by AgileHub (www.agilehub.ro, https://www.facebook.com/agilehub/, https://www.linkedin.com/company/13054692/).

AgileHub means free education for people of all ages. The NGO was created in 2013 with a mission of offering education in IT and non-IT related fields for adults and children.

For 10 years we have been offering 100% free training courses, workshops, meetups, conferences – for adults and children all free of charge! All these activities are organized by and with the help of our volunteers - members of AgileHub or good friends and partners - that are IT specialists with practical (hands-on) experience in their field of choice.

AgileHub means all these 100% free of charge activities and programs:
 ● 250+ training sessions and workshops in weekend (4-16 hours long) - both advanced and beginner levels
 ● 5 medium term courses (8 - 16 week long) on technical topics like Python, Advanced Java, Testing, in depth React by example, Security Fundamentals.
 ● 7 Meetups (2-3 hour long)
 ● 5 long-term children's programs (Dash & Dot and 3D printing, Build your own robot, Learning basic programming with Arcade, etc)
 ● 4 Peak IT conferences (Conferences free of charge for all of the participants - made possible with the help of our sponsors)
 ● 1 charity event ("Vine Mos Craciun")
 ● 5 Peak IT conferences (Conferences free of charge for all participants - made possible with the help of our sponsors)
 ● A community of more than 4000 IT specialists who benefited from our activities

All these were made possible with the help of
 ● 100 volunteers
 ● More than 10000 hours of pro-bono work

AgileHub is the NGO that organizes the PeakIT conference.

● AgileHub was founded in 2013 and is focused on organizing trainings (ranging from 1-2 day trainings to 16 week trainings), workshops (4-6 hour long) and meetups. More than 1200 unique participants from Brasov, Bucharest, Sibiu, Iasi, Cluj, Ploiesti and more cities have attended these education programs. More than 60% of them are recurring participants (some have participated to 15 different activities), which proves that our programs are useful of them.

● PeakIT is the conference AgileHub organizes each year. The concept of the conference has grown (in an organic manner) and its purpose has extended with it (see next questions).

When we started this event, in 2018, we wanted to create a place for Brasov’s IT community to meet. We wanted PeakIT to be an event where the community could find common interests, new useful information, share what they know and find easier ways to learn from each other.

The first edition contained only workshops (4-hour long workshops) given by IT specialists that had previously been part of AgileHub community and were part of the volunteer team.

 ● Visibility for our volunteers

The best way to lead is by example and the entire value of AgileHub is given by its volunteers. This is why our volunteers deserve an event where they are more visible and can become an example for others, to inspire and motivate people to join us, to contribute and grow this community together.

 ● Grow the IT community in order to create more opportunities in the city

 ● Create an opportunity for companies to meet, and also meet the people, ecnouraging them to fund our mission for free IT education.

PeakIT trainers used to mean just AgileHub volunteers.

Because our mission is to always improve and expand our curriculum, now we are also welcoming IT specialists that haven't joined AgileHub (yet). These specialists can talk about and use their hands-on expertise to offer the participants all the tools they need to stay updated with certain topics - topics of great importance in the modern world.

We usually choose the speakers and invite them to be part of Peak IT. We do that by following the latest trends and newest technologies in the IT field, thus contacting people with great experience that have already made a name for themselves in the IT community.

This requires great effort and more personal interaction with each speaker. We think it's worth the effort as we aim for a great experience for our guests – you can see that from their testimonials

If you want to join the future editions of PeakIT or even AgileHub, in order to help us organize more frequent workshops, drop us a message using the contact form below!

The first 5 editions were completely, 100%, free of charge for all participants. The revenue generated came only from our sponsors, which helped us cover the costs of organizing the conference, promote it, offer catering and ensure we provide quality food and good experience for all attendees.

Starting the 6 th edition, we intend for a portion of the revenue to be allocated to a few charitable organizations thus supporting the admirable work of the preselected NGOs. From 2024 on, each edition will support 3 other NGOs, which will be announced on our site before the registration process starts.

Lastly, the funds are instrumental in covering the rental expenses for the venue, ensuring a comfortable and well-equipped space for our event.

The remaining funds are used to support our regular activities (Ex: some medium – term courses have been financed with the funds received from Diamond level sponsorship packages)

PeakIT has reached a new evolution stage, providing knowledge from both national and internationally renowned speakers and trainers.

Up until now (2024), Peak IT has been the only IT conference in Brasov area, and we are proud to have gained the trust of so many participants, guests and sponsors. This only confirms we ar eon the right track.

Not only our costs have grown exponentially but starting 2024 we want to emphasize more than ever that we want to make PeakIT one of the top conferences in Romania and at the same time bring our contribution, as a community, to society.

Hence, we will donate half of the earnings from ticket sales and 5% from all sponsor packages to three selected NGOs that are active in Brasov.

The other half will contribute to ensuring a good experience (location and coffe breaks, lunch) during the conference.

We will always have very small fees as the goal of the conference is not to make profit. We are not a company specialized on organizing conferences, but an NGO whose mission is to offer high quality education and contribute to creating the place where we want to live and raise our families. Our motto continues to be "a tide raises us all",

PeakIT005, in 2022, has been a great conference and it showed us that we can make PeakIT a top conference.
Our 600 participants and top international speakers, the feedback we received and the questions about the next edition told us that we needed to meet their expectations and that is why we took our time to design a sound and powerful new edition.

See you soon!

How does AgileHub manage their funds?

We strongly believe that a NGO’s purpose is to invest the funding in offering useful programs to its target groups and covering its operational costs.


This is why we invest the raised funds in organizing useful and impactful programs for adults and children. We aim to offer free of charge programs to all of our participants.


For example, we organize one-day technical trainings that focus on specific subjects, but also longer programs that take place for 8 to 12 weeks, such as “In-depth React by example”, “First steps in programming for children”, “Security Fundamentals”.


Write us a love or complaint letter - either way, we can't wait to hear from you!