Valeriu Filip

Valeriu Filip

Managing Partner SecurifAI, I-Tom


“To create something through hard work and that to be used on large scale is one of the most gratifying experiences”, says Valeriu.

He has more that 20 years of experience in IT Indusry and 16 years in entrepreneurship and together with his 40+ colleagues, they have managed to develop, launch and maintained several nation-wide known products each of them with over 100.000 users and millions of transactions/month:

  • (2016):  The fasted growing product for SME’s, reaching 80,000 companies in less than 6years from launch; more than 1.5milion documents/month are issued and they connect more than 100k users in processes involved in automated invoice & collecting/payment data exchange.
  • (2012): More than 500 schools throughout Romania have been enrolled in this platform and more than 150k students, teachers and parents have been using it to stay in-touch, assign tasks, marks or submit their homework.
  • SecurifAI (2017):  Here, they tackled AI as technology approach in building the products and managed to test it in more than 30 implementations, mainly with large corporations but also with public local administrations in municipalities. This is the hardest nut to be cracked so far with the highest potential.


The “Bank – Entrepreneur – Accountant” universe is the business universe.  

How do you develop a trust-based ecosystem? 

From accessible technology to a utility service for businesses, or how an idea becomes a national product. The new generation of entrepreneurs needs partnerships, often the natural step that can bring business scaling; often trust in a partnership is the step that makes the difference. 

When is the perfect timing? It depends on the idea, relevance, and field of activity, but regardless of the factors, partnerships lead to evolution, and openness to collaboration means stepping out of the comfort zone and harnessing the potential of technology through product ecosystems. 

How do we allow a new generation of entrepreneurs to develop using a bank – entrepreneur – accounting ecosystem? 


Startup Panel

Valeriu will also be one of the facilitators in the Startup Panel