Iulian Birlica & Razvan Pricop

Iulian Birlica & Razvan Pricop


Software engineers, pentesters

Iulian Birlica is a software engineer that has spent most of his career working in adjacent cybersecurity positions, sometimes by sheer accident. He has experience executing in a diverse range of positions, maintaining and delivering software projects.
He is interested in the exciting developments going on with the new web technologies.

Razvan Pricop is a dedicated Software Engineer at Pentest-Tools, working at the Website Vulnerability Scanner.  He joined the team in 2022, believing that the key to growth is simplicity. Since then, he improved the web crawler functionality to cover a diverse range of Single Page Applications.
Primary skills: Python, Web Reconnaissance, Networking 


Presentation: Bringing DAST tools to the command-line, DevOps pipelines, and more  

DevSecOps is an ascent cross-domain in software engineering, bringing security closer to the development steps. As the number of threats and the cost of vulnerabilities increased, more and diverse security testing tools appeared. These tools are still underused today. Integrating them with the already familiar devops workflows should help.

Security application testing tools are divided into static (SAST) and dynamic (DAST) tools. As SAST tools are generally easier to use, they are more readily integrated into CI/CD pipelines. DAST tools are harder to add, because they require a live target. In this presentation, we showcase an attempt to tame DAST tools and present their comparative advantages in a DevSecOps development cycle.

Cybersecurity Panel 

Iulian will also be part of a discussion together with Ovidiu Cical and Vlad Coman  on how Cybersecurity influences our lives