Ignat Andrei

Ignat Andrei

Technical Director, MVP C#, Master of Mathematics


Andrei Ignat has  more than 20 year programming experience. He started from VB3 , passed via plain old ASP and C# Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). 

He is also a consultant, author, speaker, www.adces.ro community leader  

You can ask him any .NET related question – he will be glad to answer – if he knows the answer. If not, he will learn 


Presentation:  Roslyn Source Code Generators with examples 

Roslyn Code Generators is a way to write programs that write programs at compile time. Andrei will show you how to write one.  

Also, he will make demos about existing ones that may help you write less code and be more efficient. 

Microsoft Panel

Andrei will be one of the facilitators in the Microsoft Panel.