Alexandru Panait

Alexandru Panait

Founder, Researcher, Forbes 30 under 30

Alexandru Panait is a distinguished cybersecurity researcher and blockchain expert, recognized for his significant contributions in identifying security breaches and nominated for Forbes 30 under 30.  

Through his work, Alexandru has championed with USA Universities the concept of Trustless Democracy, an innovative initiative aimed at decentralizing democratic processes through blockchain technology, providing a transparent and secure method for managing electoral processes and community decisions.  

Furthermore, Alexandru is the pioneer behind the concept of Governance as a Service, realized through the launch of the platform. This platform revolutionizes how institutions and companies approach the digitalization of work processes, centralizing citizen administration and offering standardized solutions for document authentication through QR codes and digital identity.  

Through, Alexandru Panait significantly contributes to the modernization and efficiency of public and corporate services, while simultaneously strengthening the principles of decentralized democracy.