Cătălin Tudose

Cătălin Tudose

Java Champion, Web Tech Expert, Author, Trainer


Cătălin Tudose is an experienced software engineer, working with Java since early 2000s. He took part in various telecommunications and financial projects, as a Java senior developer, Java technical team lead, and architect.

He currently works as a Java and Web Technologies Expert at a large company and he is author at Pluralsight and Manning (https://app.pluralsight.com/profile/author/catalin-tudose).

After participating in software development projects for more than 15 years, his everyday activity involves conducting and developing courses (both corporate and in the college), as well as developing and delivering training for companies and universities on subjects like Java, Spring, Hibernate, Design Patterns, Code Refactoring, Automated Testing, and Software Architecture.

Together with the company he works for, he initiated and introduced the “Advanced Java Programming” course for the students pursuing their master’s degree at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science in Bucharest.

The books he wrote:

“JUnit in Action” 3rd edition (https://www.manning.com/books/junit-in-action-third-edition)

“Java Persistence with Spring Data and Hibernate” (https://www.manning.com/books/java-persistence-with-spring-data-and-hibernate).

Cătălin also speaks at different conferencences (both national and international) and is active in Java User Groups. He participated in various conferences: VoxxedDays, Bucharest Technology Week, DevTalks, CodeCamp (Romania), Click2020 (Poland), Conf42 (Poland), JAX Mainz, JAX London, JavaZone (Norway), jPrime (Bulgaria) and had speeches for different Java User Groups in Romania, Poland, Spain, Turkey.


Presentation:  Effective Transactions Management with Spring

Are you interested in developing concurrent applications that need to run safely and correctly?  

Are you looking for efficient ways to separate each transaction execution, isolated from the other ones? Are you interested in analysing the mechanisms provided by Spring for effectively managing concurrent transactions?  

Working with transactions is a science and an art, and the talk will examine the main concepts of Spring Transactions and the mechanisms behind them. We’ll demonstrate their effective implementation in an application, debugging the concurrent executions while varying their essential parameters, as isolation and propagation. Listeners will find out how to develop Java concurrent applications using Spring Transactions and how to effectively manage their parameters. We’ll also dive into debugging the way the isolation and propagation parameters work, demonstrating and analyzing concurrent transactional executions. The talk will be highly oriented on analysing and debugging the transactional code. 


Java Panel

Catalin will also be one of the facilitators in the Java Panel.