Victor Paul Popescu

Victor Paul Popescu

English teacher, Public Speaker - Moderator


Victor is an enthusiastic educator with a dedication to enhancing learning experiences and fostering professional growth. With a background in both Norwegian and English studies, Victor also holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management, equipping him with a holistic understanding of educational leadership. As an English teacher at the ‘Henri Coanda’ Air Force Academy, he brings his expertise in language instruction to prepare future leaders of the Romanian military. Currently, Victor leads a team of educators in the implementation of an online English course utilized throughout the Romanian armed forces.   

Outside of his role in academia, Victor is an active member of Toastmasters, where he has honed his skills in public speaking and leadership over the past two years. Currently serving as the secretary of “Brasov Toastmasters Club,” he plays a pivotal role in creating a supportive environment for members to develop their communication and leadership abilities. 

With a passion for continuous learning and self-improvement, Victor is an avid reader who eagerly explores new ideas and methodologies to enrich his teaching practice and contribute to the advancement of education.