Victor Holban

Victor Holban

AWS Solution Architect / DevOps Engineer

With more than ten years of experience in IT, Victor has worked on many projects, has created and implemented architectures for companies active on different areas: from startups to some of the biggest companies on world. After working as a backend developer for some years, Victor has shifted his focus towards DevOps, especially services offered by Amazon. He now spends his time between London and Iași and has gladly accepted to join us at Peak IT with a keynote speech on AWS.

Presentation: DevOps on AWS

In this talk, we will go over the principals and practices that define DevOps and focus on how these practices are being implemented in projects using the services offered by Amazon. You’ll discover what are some encounters that you could face along the journey and what type of tools are most effective in dealing with each of them.
For people new to this domain, this will be a great opportunity to see what a comprehensive infrastructure solution should include. For veterans, it is always good to observe how others are approaching a similar challenge.
Join us to see how AWS offering can be leveraged to build your next project infrastructure.

The presentation will be held on Zoom and it is open for everybody who wants to join


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