Silviu Niculita

Silviu Niculita

Effective Technology Executive, Microsoft AI MVP


Silviu is a passionate software professional focused on solving hard business problems with cutting-edge technology. For the past 2 decades, he has managed many teams in their process of building and operating high-performance enterprise software systems from hardware architecture to design, development, quality assurance, and support.  

Silviu’s areas of interest are around how small teams can be most effective at building real software: high-quality, secure systems at the highest limits of robustness, performance, and flexibility.  

Silviu has worked for groups like Microsoft, Siemens, and Total Specific Solutions. He has also been a Microsoft MVP around Artificial Intelligence for 5 years. 


Presentation 1: Navigating the Gen AI Jungle: A Quick Guide to accelerate enterprise adoption  

In the ever-evolving landscape of Generative AI, enterprises stand at the edge of a transformational frontier. The potential to revolutionize processes, innovate products, and redefine customer experiences is immense—but where to start? “Navigating the Gen AI Jungle” offers a roadmap through the complexities of AI adoption, anchored by Gartner’s AI Use Case Prism. 


Presentation 2: Elevating Chatbots: Enhancing Conversations with Internal Knowledge Bases  

Dive into the groundbreaking potential of enabling Large Language Models (LLMs) to tap into a company’s internal knowledge base, revolutionising the way organisations interact with information and engage in conversations. By integrating LLMs with tailored, proprietary data, businesses can unlock highly personalised, accurate, and contextually relevant responses, transforming chatbots from simple interfaces into deep knowledge navigators. 


AI Panel

Silviu will also be one of the facilitators in the AI Panel.