Silviu Dumitrescu – Atos

Silviu Dumitrescu – Atos

Team Manager Evidian

With more than 30 years experience in IT (he wrote his first Java applications in 1999),  Silviu has a PhD in Informatics but also wears many different hats:  he has much practical experience as trainer, software architect, line manager, researcher, full stack developer, big data developer and is Associate Professor  at Transylvania University and in the process has written books and wrote many reviews.

He has developed own applications, has been part of development teams, lead other teams and used his experience in creating a constructive interaction with customers.   The programming languages include Java, PHP, Delphi, C, C++, Javascript, TCL.

Presentation: Serverless functions, a cloud solution

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Using serverless computing developers don’t have any administrative role on server. Server is in the cloud, functions will be loaded on the server, will be referred by a unique name, and should not be part of a project. The characteristic of this function is to be very fine grained, executing just a small functionality.

The purpose of the presentation

The purpose of this presentation is to share the Atos researches results on using the serverless computing. This will be presented as an alternative of using REST calls or message oriented architecture, with the main advantage of reducing costs. Costs are based just on number of calls, without any concerning about infrastructure, security or location. The solution we present will take an entirely flow, from user call to persistence level call.