Silviu Dumitrescu – Atos

Silviu Dumitrescu – Atos

With more than 30 years experience in IT (he wrote his first Java applications in 1999),  Silviu has a PhD in Informatics but also wears many different hats:  he has much practical experience as trainer, software architect, line manager, researcher, full stack developer, big data developer and is Associate Professor  at Transylvania University and in the process has written books and wrote many reviews.

He has developed own applications, has been part of development teams, lead other teams and used his experience in creating a constructive interaction with customers.   The programming languages include Java, PHP, Delphi, C, C++, Javascript, TCL.

Presentation: Why Cybersecurity starts with Identity and what are the key considerations?

Cybersecurity is a priority for governments worldwide and is based on three main points and concerns: secure digital transformation, safeguard data privacy and the adoption of an agile cybersecurity strategy. Identity and Access Management (IAM), part of every cybersecurity system, makes sure that only the right persons can access the right applications.

In his talk Silviu presents key considerations about a real IAM product. Also, he discusses about the challenges his team is having to port the on-premises solution to a cloud one, to transform a monolithic architecture to an “as a Service” one. Because of the new modern face of the product one major challenge for Silviu’s team is to create and manage an CI/CD pipeline. Part of it is an automation testing framework made in house. Silviu brings to you the architecture of the solution proposed, challenges and new features to be implemented. The framework is based on free, open-source resources.

The presentation will be held on Zoom and it is open for everybody who wants to join


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