Radu Niculita

Radu Niculita

Network architect and R&D cybersecurity professional


Radu is an experienced network architect with more than 20 years of experience in networking and network security. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Politehnica University of Bucharest. Radu was responsible for network architecture in various large organization like Vodafone Romania, Vodafone Group, Deutsche Telekom pan-net, BorgWarner, with a lead technical role across several positions in these organizations. He is currently a R&D cybersecurity professional at Siemens, covering network architecture from a security perspective in various Siemens future-oriented projects.

Presentation: Network segmentation in a Zero-Trust world

Zero Trust is one of the buzz-words that we keep hearing everywhere in the cybersecurity space for quite a while. Some might say that we will be able to connect everything – users, servers and applications alike – to a flat Internet, while all applications and clients will be hardened, secure and safe. The network will only need to transport packets from A to B and we will not really need network security. Is this the future? You are invited to explore the role of the network in a Zero-Trust world with a focus on network segmentation.