Sebastian Ichim

Sebastian Ichim

Software Development Manager

Sebastian Ichim has extensive experience in IT field. He is experienced Project Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry, also skilled in programming languages: C/C++, C#, Java and libraries: modern OpenGL, Direct3D, boost, COM, .NET.

He is the only doctor in AgileHub, holding a PhD in Computer Science from Sankt-Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Russian Federation. He wants to have a contribution in the community. Sebastian is part of the AgileHub team, but also teaches students at Transylvania University about Modern 3D computer Graphics and Design Patterns.

Workshop: Software architecture of modern applications

Meet Sebastian on October 18th, 10:30-13:30.
The goal of the workshop

The goal of this workshop is to understand why you need Clean Architecture, how to structure the constantly changing applications and how to make code design decisions to minimize the impact of changes in your code.

This workshop is about how to design the architecture of your applications for which you write your code, by following architectural principles and design patterns. We will provide you support in increasing your efficiency and productivity  by having a high quality code: maintainable, reusable and extensible.

What will we do in this workshop?

We will discuss the way to reduce the cost of changes and adding of new features by adopting practices based on experiences from real life projects. Our objectives will be to:

  • understand the importance of the design quality
  • measure complexity
  • code reuse
  • share tricks to write clean code that works
  • learn separation of concerns
  • understand the Clean Architecture Principles
You are in the target of the audience if you:

Any software architect, junior or senior software developer would benefit greatly from this workshop. It is expected you:

  • Are familiar with basic object oriented programming concepts and principles
  • Comfortable with MS Visual Studio and C# or any other OO programming language
What will you learn at the end:

At the end of the workshop, you will feel more comfortable designing clean architecture, having good design practices related to cohesion and coupling, managing dependencies with Dependency Injection. We will also approach topics like: application infrastructure, component dependencies, examples of generic infrastructure components.

What tools do you need installed on your computer before the workshop starts

You will need only MS Visual Studio Community Edition.