Rudolf Nyari

Rudolf Nyari

President ICF Romania


Rudolf Nyari is a Professional Coach specialized in the area of ​​performance in teams and started his professional activity in the academic environment. Then he decided to turn his attention to his own development and became an entrepreneur, so he developed, built and implemented his own ideas, aspirations and dreams in the companies he founded. Passionate about growth and the sciences of education, since 2015 he supports professional coaching both by educating other specialists in the field and through organizational and sports interventions, currently being President of the ICF Romania Volunteer Team. 

Presentation with Andreea Nate &  Claudiu Gura – Navigating Together: Coaching and Leadership in the Age of Technology  

Engage in authentic and informative dialogue about IT coaching and leadership during an engaging panel session. Discover the essential differences between therapy, mentoring, consulting, and coaching, as well as the ethics and training of a professional International Coach Federation (ICF) coach, and learn how these aspects can influence professional development in the Age of Speed and Technology 

The beginning of the session will consist of an interactive dialogue between experts, highlighting the benefits of working with a professional coach and exploring ways in which IT professionals can support each other in this fast-paced era of technology. We discuss specific issues facing IT professionals and present practical cases demonstrating how professional coaching offers solutions. 

Next, we invite you to participate in a unique “speed-coaching” experience, where you will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of coaching in a dynamic and effective format. 

Join us to discover how we can build a stronger community and foster solidarity among IT professionals, even in situations where there’s much to be done but resources are scarce.