Radu Niculii

Radu Niculii

Information Technology Business Analyst

Radu started his career in IT in 2003 and had many roles and resposabilities during all these years: he switched from being a tester to programming in different languages (Java, .NET, Web dev) to business analysis and coordonating programming teams as well as being in touch with customers and understading their needs.  

No wonder he started to give workshops on how to improve communication between technical and business people ?. 

He is a father of two and in his spare time (when he has some) he likes walking in the forest, spending time with people, joking, adrenaline and learning new things.  

His desire to become a better communicator, oushed him towards joining the Toastmasters Brasov public speaking club.  

 After TechDay#001, you can meet him at PeakIT #005 and we are certain you’ll enjoy his workshop!