Petruș Stuparu

Petruș Stuparu

Partner & Head of Team Culture @Trend Consult


Petrus – Partner and Head of Team Culture at Trend Consult, since 2007, has been all about sharing business truths in a way that’s anything but boring.  

With a firm conviction in leading with genuine enthusiasm, he specializes in delivering top-tier solutions that drive organizational culture, performance, and overall growth.  

He’s genuinely passionate about empowering organizations and individuals to unlock their full potential through innovative and personalized interventions that foster learning, collaboration, and meaningful change. Additionally, he takes great joy in mentoring and nurturing the next generation of consultants and leaders.


Presentation: Shifting perspectives in an ever-changing environment 

Life is life. The moment someone stops trying to oversimplify or structure life with the magic wand type of approach, is the moment that someone starts living in the “here and now“.   

In his speech Petrus looks at 3 layers of understanding the “here and now”:  

  • how change cycles develop,  
  • personal relationship with change and  
  • the unconscious limiting beliefs that may hinder or interfere, to say the least, with us strive to make most of the here and now. 

It is going to be a captivating blend of expertise, reflection, and real-life experiences, all intertwined with practical and down-to-earth solutions. Through engaging discussions and thought-provoking insights, you will gain valuable perspectives on navigating the dynamic landscapes of today’s fast-paced world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore new horizons and unlock fresh insights into embracing change and adapting to evolving circumstances.