Nadia Comanici

Nadia Comanici

PQ Coach™, NLP Master & Trainer


Nadia is passionate about the human mind and how our brains work, combining both hard skills and soft skills in her programs, such as courses, workshops and the 8-week self-development program called “Gimnastică Mentală”.

Having a technical background as a .Net developer for 15 years, her passion for the human mind continued in parallel, while presenting courses and interactive workshops as trainer (for 10+ years), creating communities, reading about psychology and studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – and thus transitioning from hard skills to soft skills.

At present time, Nadia combines her skills as NLP Master, NonViolent Communication Facilitator & PQ Coach, to help people better understand themselves (their mind, their emotions and their mission) and changing their lives, through self-awareness and actively creating new habits in their life, so that they can have both success and happiness in their lives.

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Presentation: What operating system is your mind running on?

If you are honest:
– Do you have moments in which you get upset, angry or easily frustrated and it’s difficult for you to get out of that unpleasant state and recover?
– Do you find yourself postponing and procrastinating and not getting to your goals, or on the other extreme, you do a lot of stuff (even in parallel) and you achieve your goals, but you are exhausted and cannot celebrate that victory?
– Do you prioritize others and become frustrated that you don’t feel important, seen or taken into consideration?

If you answered at least a “yes” on the above questions, you have been hijacked by your mind – specifically your inner Saboteurs.

What are those, you ask? Well, inside your mind (as any other human being) there are all kinds of thoughts going on, but if you observe these thoughts, you can see that sometimes they are contradictory – some say “let’s do this”, others say “well… maybe not” or “you can’t do this”. That’s because in your mind, whenever a challenge appears, the are 2 sides that fight for a microphone – because what gets said at this microphone (and especially the last words) is what you will eventually do in your life. So, on one side, there are the Saboteurs and on the other side there’s the Sage (or the Wise Self).

The Saboteurs are survival mechanism that your mind created when encountering challenges as a child and having the body, the abilities and the mind of the child. Since then, your brain evolved, but they didn’t teach you in school or at home how to use the new features of your mind’s upgraded operating system and these Saboteurs appear when you have challenges in your life.

It’s like you are trying to run Photoshop on a Windows XP operating system (the Lymbic System) instead of a Windows 11 (the Neo-cortex). It makes a lot of sense that it’s not going to be easy, fun or even successful sometimes!

So, if you want to discover what operating system your mind is using and how you can get an upgrade, I invite you to this workshop, in which you will discover:
– which are the all the Saboteurs?
– what are their lies?
– what is their impact in your life?
– what are your native qualities, that they hijack and use in excess, until they become your defects?
– and of course, how you can take your power back from these Saboteurs?

If you are curious which are your strongest Saboteurs, I recommend you take the Saboteur Test before this workshop, to see your Saboteur Cocktail (because everybody has their own)