Mihai Scutaru – Siemens

Mihai Scutaru – Siemens

Full Stack Embedded Linux IoT Engineer

During his almost 10 years experience at Siemens, Mihai has occupied various positions within different teams. Starting in the medical imaging field, he also obtained a PhD in applied machine learning to heart-disease computer aided diagnosis software. For the past 4 years he has delved deeper into what makes hardware and software behave properly. Following experience building firmware for industrial applications, he is now working on delivering Embedded Linux based applications on the Edge of the IoT stack, while also keeping an eye toward their cloud integration, all contributing to Building Automation systems. 

Presentation: From bare-metal programming to Embedded Linux in IoT 

In the embedded programming world, one saying reigns supreme: “The right tool for the right job”, or even better “The simplest tool for best results on a given job”.

In this talk Mihai goes into the gritty details of what goes into the process of developing a product from hardware to firmware to integration with it’s deployment environment. We will go through what use is there for bare-metal programming – using just a HAL, to embedded real-time OSes and finally to Embedded Linux. Along the way you will see how all this can be achieved in a well structured workflow within the Embedded Systems team in Brasov. Diving deeper, we will explore what it takes to develop an IoT – Edge application and a custom Linux distribution using Yocto and the surrounding environment. Finally we will explore how these efforts support the fight against climate change.  

The presentation will be held on Zoom and it is open for everybody who wants to join


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