Mihaela Draniceanu

Mihaela Draniceanu

Senior Software Tester Engineer


Mihaela is not only a very experienced tester specialized in exploratory testing and helping new testers learn and grow, but she has done other activities that help projects be delivered: technical writing, project management, Scrum Master.  

Her passion for testing did not fade all these years, on the contrary it increased, making her give many trainings in order to share what she knows.  
She joined AgileHub at the beginning of 2022 and if you are interested in testing you’re probably recognizing her from Tech Day event or from one of the other two workshops she’s given in AgileHub.   

On her spare time she likes to take long walks with her dog, she jogs and plans a new DYI project (with no deadline yet).  

We are happy to have her at Peak IT conference and with certainty you’ll find her topics useful.  


Workshop: Introduction to SQL for testing


The goal of the workshop

The goal of this workshop is to understand how SQL can make our tests better. We will play with specific testing scenarios when we can use SQL to improve our testing activities.

What will we do in this workshop?

We will discuss about what a database is, how database are created and we will use SQL Server Express to learn to: create a database, manipulate data from the database and extract useful information from the database.
Since this is a beginners’ workshop, we will go from zero to… everyday needs for testing with databases.
By the end of the workshop, testers should have all the beginner information that will allow them to use databases in their testing.

You are in the target of the audience if you:

  • Are a tester of any seniority with little or no SQL experience.
  • Are comfortable with learning a new tool and using it in their testing

What tools do you need installed on your computer before the workshop starts

SQL Server Express should be installed.