Marius Francu – Siemens

Marius Francu – Siemens

Marius Francu is enjoying a programmer career for many years, as well as some management involvement at Siemens.

As a professional, he also tries to make sense what real testing truly means (Context Driven Testing – RST), enjoying lots of discoveries along the way. He is Peer Advisor at the Rapid Software Testing Applied course held with James Bach and Michael Bolton (

As a personal goal, Marius tries to fill the lack of generalists able to manage various knowledge bases and mix different sciences together to uncover new ideas and techniques. He writes about his thoughts and experiments on his blog:

Presentation: The state of testing right now and the traps we often fall in

This talk is for programmers, scrum masters, managers, CTO’s and also testers. I am a programmer in my day to day work and I couldn’t help but notice the strange state in which testing is now. I have been witnessing how testing has departed from its original intentions, roots. We’ll touch, among other things, on concepts(like regression, test scripts ,automation, agile, best practices …) but from a different perspective. This is a talk to show people what they might want to expect from a tester and testing.

The presentation will be held on Zoom and it is open for everybody who wants to join


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