Lucian Itu – Siemens

Lucian Itu – Siemens

Research Group head of the Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging team

He received the Dipl.-Eng. degree in Systems Engineering from the Transylvania University of Brasov in 2009 and the PhD degree in Systems Engineering in 2013 after having collaborated with Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, USA during the doctoral studies. He has coordinated and participated in numerous European, National and Industry funded R&D projects. His research interests are: artificial intelligence with focus on machine learning, modeling of the human physiology, and high performance computing. He has published over 60 papers in various international journals and conferences. He is joint author of over 40 international patent applications.

Presentation: Artificial Intelligence – transforming data into knowledge

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Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are revolutionizing the world around us. Specifically, the emergence of AI unveils the benefits of exploiting Big Data. At Siemens, AI drives healthcare digitalization addressing efficiency and productivity, patient assessment, diagnosis, and quality of care.

It is reasonable to think o a hierarchy of AI systems in healthcare, containing a medical device level, a reading and reporting level, and a patient centric level.

The purpose of the presentation

The presentation will focus on showing how Siemens uses state of the art deep learning methods to tackle various use cases of personalized medicine and healthcare digitalization: prevention, diagnosis and treatment planning, with a specific focus on medical imaging based applications.