Ioana Barhan & Elena Pirtica

Ioana Barhan & Elena Pirtica

Software Testers


Anyone who has the opportunity to meet Ioana can be considered really lucky. Being a person with great love for people (and any other creature on the planet), curious, spontaneous and always eager to help and improve the things around her, she manages to inspire the people around her and reveal the best in everyone.
With more than 12 years of experience in testing,  on projects of various complexities, in smaller or larger teams, Ioana wanted to share the knowledge and expertise acquired so there was only one step left towards the role of trainer and she managed to successfully model good professionals in the software testing field. Ioana always adapts her teaching methods and, through simple and easy-to-understand language, she manages to optimally combine theoretical information with practical applicability, thus awaking the students’ desire to explore more.
Elena is not only an enthusiastic Software Tester, but also one full of patience, and empathy and who supports people at the beginning of their journey (and not only) with everything she has learned in those over 10 years of her testing career.
In addition to her job as a tester, she is also a trainer at a company that conducts courses for those who want to become testers and helps those who make the reconversion to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become a junior tester.
She believes that the key for a team to work, is collaboration, transparency, passion and support, that’s why she also had the role of Scrum Master in different teams and she helped create the collaboration between team members, protecting and supporting the team when was needed, being a bridge between team and client.
Beyond being a tester, she enjoys reading personal development books and cooking sweets.
Elena is eager to meet new people and discuss common topics with those who will be attending the Peak IT conference.

Workshop: Start effective testing


The goal of the workshop 

This workshop is about how we can grow as software testers in a fun way.
The final goal of the workshop – we learn how to approach the testing of an application at first sight and in addition how to identify the necessary tools, which facilitate and guide our way of working to test efficiently and effectively.

What will we do in this workshop? 

We will approach the workshop by:

  • the getting-to-know-each-other stage that will help us be closer and build trust in each other, thus creating an environment in which we can feel like a team.
  • the creative stage consists in identifying and using a tool that will facilitate our work, when we should connect new ideas between them, to have a critical thinking and focused on identifying problems. Just like when you are looking for the right pieces to solve a puzzle.
  • the exploratory stage, through which we will access an application that will challenge and motivate us to practice our detective skills.

You are in the target of the audience if you:  

  • Are familiar with basic testing knowledge including STLC, testing types, testing techniques, functional vs non-functional requirements, bugs 
  • Have 0-3 years of testing experience and you need some guidance in being more efficient at work and identifying different ways to approach the testing of an app at first sight 

What tools do you need installed on your computer before the workshop starts 

No special tools are needed, just a notebook and a pen.