Ioan Posa

Ioan Posa

Engineering Director, Deloitte Technology Delivery Center


With 12+ years of experience in Software development, Ioan has a passion to build great teams. 

He has hands-on experience in delivering software projects and is specialised in working on large scale E-commerce platforms, Salesforce projects and passionate about Robotic Process Automation.

Presentation: Decoding the Future: The Romanian IT landscape  

This presentation explores the dynamic of the Romanian Information Technology landscape in the future. We’ll deep dive into emerging trends, analyze their impact, and uncover the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this digital revolution. 

Key areas we’ll explore: 

– Technological Advancements/New Era: How cutting-edge technologies like AI/GenAI, will reshape Romanian industries? 

– The Evolving Workforce: What skillsets will be in high demand for IT professionals in the future? 

  • Teams – the combination between technical and soft skills 
  • How to bring more value to your clients?  


Join us for an insightful discussion that will equip you to navigate the future of IT in Romania!