Igor Jigan

Igor Jigan

C# .NET Developer

Igor Jigan is a passionate software engineer at an IT Services Company. He spent most of his time learning new things, keeping up to date with technologies.
He enjoys taking ownership of challenging projects, solving technical problems and sharing his experience with the local community.
He has been contributing in AgileHub since 2017 and has been a technical mentor/coach at ScriuCod for 2 years.

Workshop: Microservices

The goal of the workshop?
The goal of this workshop is to understand what is Microservice and how can be developed application applying microservice architecture. 
What will we do in this workshop:

We will start by understanding the basic concepts behind microservice architecture. Next step will be to take real requirements and implement distributed application in .NET Core. During implementation we will discuss about design patterns that are applied in microservice architecture. At the end of the workshop we will publish application and will be tested using Postman.

You are in the target of the audience if you: 
  • Have average or strong C# skills.
  • Have minimum knowledge about .NET Core, REST APIs.
  • Are interested in learning about microservices.
What will you learn at the end:

At the end of the workshop we intend to have production ready application that respect initial  requirements.

What tools do you need installed on your computer before the workshop starts:

In case you register for this workshop and you need info regarding tools, let us know.