Florin Coroș

Florin Coroș

Software Solution Architect | Technical Trainer@CodeDesign


Florin is an accomplished Software Solution Architect and an engaging Technical Trainer with two decades of hands-on experience in complex software development.

  As the founder of Code Design, he is at the forefront of restoring a focus on robust software design within the industry and ensuring predictability in software development projects. Florin’s courses contain the hard learned lessons he gained in his work. They empower professionals to develop habits which will elevate their design skills.

  An IDesign trained architect, Florin is dedicated to steering projects towards success across multiple companies. He achieves this by assuming pivotal roles such as Software Architect or Solution Architect, where his guidance has been crucial in the successful implementation of many projects.

Implementing Clean Architecture 

Has implementing Clean Architecture become more of an ideal than a reality in your projects? Despite its clear rules and intended separations, the complexity of growing codebases and the crunch of time often render these principles invisible in practice. When projects technically fail, the culprit is frequently uncontrolled complexity – where Clean Architecture remains a concept on paper, not in code.  

In this session, I will show how to get predictability by implementing Clean Architecture through structure, rather than relying on discipline and code reviews only. I’ll show how to create a structure that makes it easy to write the code that follows your architecture and at the same time it makes it difficult to write the code that doesn’t.  

You will walk away with a recipe and building blocks for creating a foundation in code that sustains Clean Architecture and the level of quality in your code that can control the complexity of the project.  

This structure will enforce separation of concerns and how dependencies are created. It will deliver predictability by creating a Code Design that is maintainable, extensible and reusable. 

Architecture Panel

Florin will also be one of the facilitators in the Architecture Panel.