Dino Esposito

Dino Esposito

Microsoft MVP, Author, Trainer, Developer


After 20+ books (mostly with Microsoft Press) that educated two generations of developers, 1000+ articles, hundreds of conference talks and 10000+ hours of training, Dino returned to software development and architecture.  

After two years of in energy, within his role as CTO of Crionet, Dino now leads the IT team that runs every day, worldwide operations for professional tennis and padel. His latest publishing works are “Enterprise ASP.NET Blazor Applications” course on Pluralsight and “Clean Architecture with .NET” for Microsoft Press. 

 Dino shares sharp and often counter stream thoughts on LinkedIn and https://pragmaticopinions.net. 


Presentation: A Software Engineer at the time of AI 

Software is the result of the embryonal vision that crossed the mind of a handful of great thinkers since the 17th century. Recognized fathers of computers were not looking to build what we call software today, but they were, more ambitiously, looking to mechanize human reasoning and emulate the human brain.  

Today we have applications that attempt to behave like humans and conversational programming (prompt engineering) is a real thing. Has the NVidia CEO bet what would shape the future of coding? If a world in which software writes software without (all the) engineers (of today) seems unrealistic, consider that fifty years ago software world without assembly, manual memory management, written documentation looked even dystopic.  

I built a career trying to predict the road ahead, step by step without pretending to look too far ahead. I’ll try to repeat the trick in this session.