Dan Patrascu-Baba

Dan Patrascu-Baba

Technical Architect, Tech Youtuber


Dan likes to solve business problems through quality code, smart architecture, clever design and cloud sorcery. Over more than 8 years he has worked and led projects of all shapes and sizes: from regular monoliths to complex microservices and everything in between.  

He has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experiences and this is why he has delivered +200 trainings to software developers.  

You can also find Dan on  youtube, where he also runs a successful .NET channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/Codewrinkles


Presentation: Cutting Software Into Slices 

In the realm of software architecture, the quest for clean, maintainable code often leads us down the well-trodden path of conventional architectural patterns. However, what if there’s a paradigm shift waiting to be discovered—one that challenges the status quo and prioritizes functional cohesion over rigid technical layering? Enter Vertical Slice Architecture — a groundbreaking approach that offers a fresh perspective on structuring software systems. In this thought-provoking talk, we’ll explore the principles and practices behind Vertical Slice Architecture, dissecting its core concepts and demonstrating its transformative potential. 


Architecture Panel

Dan will also be one of the facilitators in the Architecture Panel.