Dan Cristea

Dan Cristea

Head of IT Digital Software Development Practices at BCR


Dan has 20+ years of experience in software engineering, mainly in the banking industry, focusing on AI, cloud, devops, software development practices, process efficiency, team management, digital, agile transformation, vendor management, and senior management engagement. He’s passionate about transforming IT towards empowering teams to adopt, build and master AI, cloud, open-source tools and technologies.


Presentation Title: Gen AI in BCR

Description: The Gen AI hype reached banking as well. What are the use cases? How we educate our colleagues? How we use it? What about security, compliance, regulations, existing and future ones (read AI act)?  What are the frameworks / technologies / LLMs / open – closed source should we use? What new competencies do we need? And the questions can continue. I will try to make a short intro of how we see these challenges and how we aim to navigate further.