Cristian Obreja

Cristian Obreja

Software Developer

Some fortunate events happened and we heard, in early 2019, about the extensive IT experience that Cristi has, so we asked him to join our team of volunteers and to contribute in AgileHub. He gladly accepted to be part of AgileHub and so the topics we cover extended to DevOps and Robotics.

Combine his experience in Software development and design in large -scale contexts, in Networks and Infrastructure, his passion for Robotics and Automation, and his modesty regarding all his (amazing) past achievements, and you’ll get a trainer that is able to convey information in a simple and effective way while creating a friendly and productive atmosphere in the room.

Cristi is also the lead trainer for the educational program “From writing code to 3D printing“. Being a parent himself, he knows how to spark curiosity and passion in children, so the lucky ones who are in the program, pupils from School 11 in Brasov really like him.

Workshop: How to make an OnPremise Kubernets Cloud

Meet Cristian on October 18th, 10:30-13:30.
The goal of the workshop?

We will learn best practices about what it really means to create an on-premise cloud with Kubernetes.
Why does it have meaning, where we can apply it and a working live example.

What will we do in this workshop?

We will build and install a linux machine from 0, configure it, browse through some quirks and best practices.
What it means to deploy a Php Api project on it using Jenkins, and using it in production on a Rancher installation.

Target audience

– Junior engineers who want to understand the greater picture. (They need just to ask questions)
– Medior Developers who need to step up in using docker. (We will show a dockerization of a Php app)
– Senior DevOps who want to see the inner workings of a Rancher orchestrator. (Why do they need an on-premise kubernetes cloud)
– Architects who need to implement a project start to finish with a budget. (When this is a good ideea to do)

We will stop and explain terms like docker, kubectl, helm, rancher, Jenkins, but we will not go into detail.
Just the big picture, and why this approach has merit.

What tools do you need installed on your computer before the workshop starts?

– This workshop was intended to be physically hands-on, but the pandemic hit and we will do it remotely.
This means that the audience doesn’t need much but will help to have installed:
– 64bit PC with Windows / Linux with at least 8Gb Ram (4Gb barely works)
– Windows only: Package manager
– Docker-Desktop