Corina Stirbu

Corina Stirbu

Head of Marketing at accesa


Corina Stirbu is a Marketing Strategist and Fractional CMO based in Cluj Napoca, Transylvania. She helps tech companies, SaaS products, and startups grow to the next level through data-driven tactics. With more than 10 years of experience as a marketer, she helps tech businesses identify new distribution channels and strategic approaches in order to increase MRR and grow the company with healthy and steady KPIs in the long run.

Presentation: How to create a good product strategy – flywheels vs funnels | a framework 

Find out know how to scale your business with Growth Loop Strategy.(Flywheel strategy). Why is it better to accelerate your business’s growth through the strategic implementation of a growth loop framework instead of a funnel? Corina, will guide you through 3 main topics: 

  1. What a Growth Loop or a Flywheel is
  2. Continuous Growth & Scalability by using a quick framework, tools & mindset. 
  3. The Growth Loop vs. the Funnel – differences and impact

All that enriched with plenty of examples and case studies from product to b2b, b2c.