Claudiu Gura – Raiffeisen

Claudiu Gura – Raiffeisen

IT Solution Architect at Raiffeisen Bank 

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He has been in the IT field since 2000 and I have worked in IT Solution Architecture for over 10 years, with experience in the Telecom, Public Sector, Defence and Banking sectors. In 2017 Claudiu joined the Raiffeisen team, in the Architecture and Governance /Management  Department.  

He is curious, optimistic, likes to be useful and to help as many people as possible to have a better life through what I do.  

In his free time, together with some colleagues from the Bank, he contributed to the program “Raiffeisen Little Coders”, which helped a lot their colleagues’ children to take the first steps in the wonderful world of computer programming. 

As a volunteer member of CoderDojo Bucharest for almost 5 years where he is helping “little ninjas” to code their beloved games, discovering programming and team communication “by play”, within the workshops or national and international competitions.  

He is also an ICF-ACC Coach, co-founder of ArchitectureOfMinds – “Descopera Arhitectura Gandurilor” (Discover Mind Architecture). 


Presentation – Raiffeisen Smart Market – Future Banking and Event Driven Architecture

The presentation will touch on modern concepts underlying Enterprise Solution Architecture related to systems integration and EDA (Event Driven Architecture). Furthermore, we will go through an example of a “Live” implementation from Raiffeisen Bank, on the Raiffeisen Smart Market product, discussing on the core components and the overall Cloud-based ecosystem, elements that underpin the functioning of the Bank’s loyalty service, highly appreciated by customers in this Digital era.

At the end of the presentation the audience will be able to understand the general concepts specific to modern Solution Architecture, but also details of the concrete implementation of these concepts in the banking world, with an example on Raiffeisen Smart Market, one of the latest products launched for the benefit of customers, but also partners, Raiffeisen Bank.

The session will end with an overview of the discussion, i.e. a first round of Q/A on Solution Architecture in the Banking World.

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