Casian Stupari

Casian Stupari

Co-Founder and QA Automation Consultant


Casian is a co-founder and consultant with a drive for streamlining processes through test automation. Leveraging his 10+ years of experience in software testing, customer support, and product development, he champions solutions that enhance both quality and efficiency. He’s known for his collaborative spirit and knack for translating complex technical concepts into practical applications. 

Casian is continuously exploring new avenues to advance automation practices and foster a collaborative learning environment within the IT community. 


Presentation: The Dark Side of DIY:  Unveiling Business & Tech Traps of Building Your Own Test  Automation

This talk unpacks technical complexities and omitted business pitfalls of the “Do It Yourself” route. 

Uncover technical traps that even skilled teams fall into. Dissect pitfalls in solution design & architecture, from brittle scripts to maintenance burdens.  

Explore how experienced automation engineers can guide us through these challenges. 

Join us to uncover the challenges of DIY:  

  • Technical Traps: Explore the intricate labyrinths of solution design and architecture, before maintenance becomes a nightmare. 
  • Business Blind Spots: Dive into the unseen costs of DIY, from talent acquisition and training woes to the long-term financial burden of maintaining your own solution. 
  • Hidden Risks: Expose the dangers lurking in the shadows, from delayed ROI to compromised product quality and reputational damage. 
  • The Power of Expertise: Discover how senior automation engineers and consultants can act as your guides, illuminating the path to success and mitigating risks.

This session is for:

  • QA professionals seeking best practices and industry insights 
  • Technical teams responsible for test automation implementation 
  • Business leaders, project managers and decision-makers responsible for testing strategies


At the end you will have: 

  • Overview and understanding of DIY’s risks & rewards. 
  • Actionable tips and best practices for building a successful automation strategy. 
  • Extra knowledge to help you make informed decisions about your testing approach