Andrei Stefanie

Andrei Stefanie

Product Engineer, Startup enthusiast


Andrei is passionate about helping people perform at their best through teaching, tools, and writing. He is leading the product team at a Startup  in delivering the platform that helps organizations understand and secure their cloud environments. One of his favorite activities is walking while listening to talks about the cloud, software, and startups.


Presentation:  Working at a Startup and How It Compares to a Corporation  

This presentation is for you if you want to understand tech startups better, especially VC-backed startups. If you are certain that they are not for you, it will give you even more reasons to stay away. However, if you consider building a product, maybe even within your current organization or joining a startup, you might find it useful. 

We will cover a wide range of topics, from VCs to technical considerations to marketing and branding strategies. I will also share the resources that helped us the most. 

This is the presentation I would have loved to receive 3 years ago. 


Panel Facilitation: 

Andrei will facilitate the Innovation Labs discussion: where Flavia Husar, Oana Barbulescu and Zaki Milhem will be speakers: Innovation Panel