Andrei Gasparovici

Andrei Gasparovici

Python Developer


Andrei Gasparovici started his programming journey in high-school when he discovered the passion for technology. 

Many hackathons and competitions after, he is now Python Developer, masters student in Mathematics, and a member of AgileHub since 2020. His interests include, but are not limited to, mathematical modeling and artificial intelligence. 

Apart from chasing his dream of working in research, he is also involved in education. He has taught courses and workshops to students of all levels, from beginners to future participants in the Olympiad. 

Workshop – Scientific computing

The goal of the workshop

The workshop seeks to provide an introduction to the Python scientific computing ecosystem in anapplication-oriented and example-focused manner.

What will we do in this workshop?

  • Introduce the basics of Python programming
  • Plot and visualize data with Matplotlib
  • Work with vectors and matrices using NumPy
  • Perform data analysis tasks using Pandas
  • Build machine learning models with scikit-learn
  • Report results with Voila

You are in the target of the audience if you are:

  • Student or researcher in a STEM field
  • Software Engineer

Previous familiarity with Python and/or scientific programming is useful, but not required.

What tools do you need installed on your computer before the workshop starts

To follow along, you will need:


Conda –

Jupyter Lab –