Andrei Draghia, Paul Negoescu – IQuest

Andrei Draghia, Paul Negoescu – IQuest

Andrei Draghia is a passionate technical leader, delivering eCommerce projects for various industries like Telecom, Retail and Transportation. With a “let’s do it” attitude and wide variety of interests, Andrei acquired lots of experience (and always hungry for more) despite his young age. He is also giving back to the community by presenting at various events in the country.

Paul Negoescu is the Head of WebTechnologies, Managed Services and DevOps at iQuest, but in his heart he is, and always will be, a web developer. He is also a passionate trainer for both the very joung and the very young at heart, loving to share his experience with Scratch, JavaScript, React and anything else with anyone who’d listen, both at work and during other endevours. He’s a fun loving person and makes all the wrong jokes in all the „right” situations, and of course he can’t wait to meet you all.

Presentation: How to (not) do your job

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Working on projects sometimes goes according to plan but most of the times the plan is more of a guideline. We want to share several bad situations with regard to code reviews,  clients, reinventing the wheel, serverless and microservice architecture etc., and ways of avoiding these situations.

The purpose of the presentation

At iQuest we’ve had the fortune of encountering a multitude of different setups. We want to share some of our experience and some tools you might find useful so as to not repeat the mistakes we’ve seen and made. At the end of the presentation you’ll hopefully walk away with a set of tools, practices and guidelines you might want to implement in your own projects.