Andrei Danila

Andrei Danila

CEO at CODE932


Owner and CEO of the Iasi IT company, Code932 and founder of “Gradinita de Manageri”, Andrei always does things differently and has an innovative approach to finding solutions by trying new methods to achieve high quality results.

Through creativity and confidence in what he does, he manages to inspire the people around him and to create unity between the members of the teams he works with towards the same common goal, the perfect team.
Experimenting and accepting that sometimes things won’t work exactly as planned, Andrei chooses every day to go in a bold direction and doesn’t stay stuck in the same patterns and methods that have proven effective in the past because he believes that a new way of thinking could become the new normal.

By personal example, he has set a high standard in the company and in the projects he is involved in and manages to take people out of their comfort zone to develop quality products, suited to the needs of the local market and beyond.
Andrei believes that with the right training and the right team, any challenges and obstacles can be overcome.


At PeakIT 005 Andrei will be both speaker and trainer.


Workshop – How much it costs to make $1M ? 

The dream of making it in IT with a project, an idea or a company, in 2022 jumps quickly over the 1M mark and it goes straight to Billions.  

But, in reality, how much it costs to make 1M? 

How hard is it?  

What do you need?  

How long it takes? 

Is it enough? 


A new, fresh, different approach on the IT entrepreneurial market in Romania in 2022.  


Question: What is one question that you want to find the answer to?