Andreea-Ruxandra Péter

Andreea-Ruxandra Péter

Scrum Master


Andreea Ruxandra Péter is a Scrum Master with over 7 years’ experience working in an Agile environment. She is a former Computer Science teacher, has a background in JAVA development and was a salsa instructor for some time. She enjoys hiking, bird watching and Cuban salsa music.

She is fun and most of the time she has a smile on her face. Andreea has been a volunteer in AgileHub from the beginning, she started organizing many agile games and now she organizes agile trainings.


Workshop: Zombie Scrum

The goal of the workshop

Some of you might have heard about Scrum, some of you are implementing Scrum, most of you complain about Scrum. My question to you is: do you believe in Scrum?

I know is sounds crazy, but how many of us can really say they are doing Scrum because they believe in the benefits it brings. Or that they have a good understanding of Agile and Scrum and have a good Scrum implementation.

I wonder how many of us are actually working Zombie Scrum… Because “Zombie Scrum is Scrum, but without the beating heart of a working software” ( blog article).

What will we do in this workshop?

During this workshop, we will look at Zombie Scrum symptoms, identify causes and maybe even find some treatments for it.

You are in the target of the audience if you: 

I invite everyone that has Scrum experience to join. No matter the level, each can get something out it.

What will you learn at the end:

I would like to raise awareness and help people identify their Zombie Scrum if they are working in such a framework. And if they are not working in Zombie Scrum, at least give them a virtual pat on the back and let them share their good practises.

What tools do you need installed on your computer before the workshop starts

No extra tools will be needed.