Andreea Moldovan

Andreea Moldovan

AgileCoach, Learning Programs Manager at AgileHub


Andreea joined AgileHub team few months before Peak IT#004, in the same way all members join our NGO: a member recommended her for her natural ability to connect and communicate.  

These skills turned out to be very useful during the conference, as she was the one taking the testimonials to each participant.  

At work she is an AgileCoach and has much experience in organizing and leading teams.  

We are happy to have Andreea both as a trainer and as part of the organizing team for PeakIT #005. 


Workshop: The LEARNING state of mind: how do we, as adults, learn?

The goal of the workshop

The goal of this workshop is to better understand ourselves:

  • how do we learn?
  • do we learn in the same way or it depends on each individual?
  • how difficult is to learn a new skill and what are the factors influencing our learning?

What will we do in this workshop?

We will discuss about us as adults and our behavior when we learn something new. We will find out what type of learner we are and what´s the most appropriate environment helping us learn faster and better.

We will also discuss about how easy or difficult it can be to learn a new skill. When can we say that we master it? What´s the relationship between personality and learning?

Eventually we will explore some techniques to learn faster and discuss about the factors influencing our learning..

You are in the target of the audience if you: 

…. ever wondered what type of learner you are?… what is influencing your learning or blocking it?…let´s talk and share experiences 🙂