Alexandru Candea

Alexandru Candea

Software Engineer

He is a technical specialist with more than four intense years of experience in IT. His experience involves both infrastructure and configuration area (ex: DevOps) but also a plurality of technologies and framework (IoT, React, Angular, NodeJS, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Java, Python).
His interpersonal skills and a proven ability to build productive work relationships helped him get involved in many projects and leave his mark there.

Workshop: Introduction of IoT (Internet of Things) and Cloud

The goal of the workshop

The goal of this workshop is to understand what IoT is, how it works and how can be used with Cloud by creating a starter IoT platform on Cloud and simulating data from devices. Data will be used in an external service. For a real example, a real hardware device will be shown as presentation.

What will we do in this workshop?

This workshop will be an introduction to the world of IoT created on Cloud. Learn basic things including how to create an IoT platform on Cloud, how to add a device on platform, how data is processed by Cloud and how to manipulate data using Node RED by creating an alert system.

You are in the target of the audience if you: 
  • Have basic knowledge in JavaScript and C/C++
  • Have an interest in IoT and Cloud
What will you learn at the end:

By the end if this workshop you will know how to create an IoT platform on Cloud, how to add a device, how to simulate data, how to use Node RED for manipulating data and creating an alert system based on input from devices.

What tools do you need installed on your computer before the workshop starts

In case you register for this workshop and you need info regarding tools, let us know.
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