Alexandra Iacob – Nagarro

Alexandra Iacob – Nagarro

Community Lead for Mobile, User Experience, C++, Python & DWH

Alexandra Iacob is a Mobile developer with a vast experience using multiple technologies. She in always eager to take new challenges. During the past couple of years, besides her technical roles she also took the responsibilities of taking care and coordinating multiple technical communities in Nagarro (Mobile, User Experience, C++, Python and DWH)

Presentation – Mobile Architect – overstated or accurate role?

Many experts would challenge that Mobile Architect is just an exaggerate term for a Mobile Technical Lead role. Let’s dive together into the main elements to consider before defining a Mobile Architecture:

  • Functional requirements
  • Supported devices
  • Technology stack
  • Service integration
  • Constraints

Seems pretty straight forward. Just wait until you see the interesting and crazy examples that I’ve faced during my years of experience. ?

The presentation will be held on Zoom and it is open for everybody who wants to join


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