Alen Smailović

Alen Smailović

Software Engineer

I have this passion for programming since highschool which lead me into graduating the Electric and Computer Science Engineering Faculty. One of my programming passions is automatization with the help of techonology as many activities as possible. This triggered my excitment as working as a DevOps.

I am a person focused on learning new things and also helping other on getting new knowledge. Currently I am working as an embedded software engineer in automotive and I joined AgileHub team in the mid of 2019, being convinced that the way to grow is to share.

Workshop: How to find your way in the Cloud

The goal of the workshop

The goal of the workshop is to create a working Continuous Integration pipeline by using Jenkins for a .NET Application. On the road, Docker will help us to eliminate the “work on my machine” problem.

What will we do in this workshop?

In this workshop we’ll understand how to set up a Jenkins pipeline by using the power of Docker. We will dockerize a .NET Core Application and will set up the entire CI infrastructure for it: specific branch push, build, running unit/integration tests and publishing results.

You are in the target of the audience if you:
What will you learn at the end:

At the end of the workshop, you will have a deeper understanding on how an automation server works, how to set up a development/testing environment and why an Integrator should be part of the development team.

What tools do you need installed on your computer before the workshop starts

In case you register for this workshop and you need info regarding tools, let us know.