James Bach

James Bach

Consulting Software Tester

James Bach is an author (Lessons Learned in Software Testing) and a long time teacher and consultant in the testing world. He is one of the founders of the Context-Driven School of Testing, a founding member of the Association for Software Testing, and the creator of Session-Based Test Management and Rapid Software Testing methodology.


Discussion – The Test Design Starting Line: Hypotheses

Every experiment is designed to test a hypothesis. Every proper software test is an experiment we perform on a product. Therefore, our ability to form hypotheses about the product controls our ability to test those products. But, where do hypotheses come from? Do they simply appear in our minds as if dropped from heaven by the Muse of Testers? (Yes, sometimes.) We can do better than that. Hypotheses result from working through the logic of our mental models about the product and our mental models about risk. In this talk I will break down this process for you so you can better appreciate the logic of test design.


The presentation will be held on Zoom and it is open for everybody who wants to join


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