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Fundatia Comunitatea Brasov: A Decade of Empowerment and Growth

For nearly a decade, the Brașov Community Foundation has been at the forefront of nurturing local initiatives and supporting non-profit organizations in Brașov. Our mission is to harness and allocate resources effectively, ensuring they contribute to a wide array of projects.

Our landmark program, Brașov Heroes, in its 10th edition, exemplifies our commitment to nurturing local projects from ideation to execution. Through robust fundraising platforms and community engagement, we ensure each vision attains its deserved realization.


Prioritizing Education: Innovative Programs Shaping the Future

Education stands as one of our core priorities. Through the Științescu program, we champion STEAM education across schools and high schools nationwide, leveraging a robust network of mentors and fostering increasingly innovative projects. The ‘Sports for All’ initiative, generously funded by Decathlon, is committed to revitalizing sports facilities within educational institutions.

In times of crisis, our foundation has been a beacon of transparent and effective philanthropy, ensuring crucial support reaches those in need swiftly and responsibly.
As we enter our tenth year, our resolve strengthens to deeply understand and address Brașov’s needs, empowering local leaders and innovators for a thriving community.

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