Cristian Hurhui

Cristian Hurhui

Transforming User Experience


Cristian Hurhui is an award winning product designer with expertise spanning various industries, including AI, security, travel, and hospitality. His products have been embraced by millions, showcasing his early recognition of the importance of accessibility in digital product design. 


Presentation: The Path to Inclusive Digital Products 

Digital products fail to reach 20% of their core audience because inclusivity is not part of their design process. This talk is a call to action for designers, developers and PMs to broaden their horizons and create products not only for the “average” user but for the entire spectrum of humanity. 

The talk will be focused on the following topics: 

  •  The Why and How of Inclusive Design: Break down accessibility barriers and embrace design principles that consider everyone’s needs. 
  •  The Business Advantage: Learn how inclusive design benefits users, strengthens your brand reputation, and boosts your bottom line. 
  • Actionable Strategies: Gain practical tips and proven best practices to integrate inclusivity into your product development process seamlessly. 

Design for everyone and witness the transformative power of inclusion.