Cosmin Maxim

Cosmin Maxim

User Experience Lead & Design Sprints trainer


Design thinker and design doer, always keen on improving the design process to build better products faster. 

Cosmin joined the team of trainers in AgileHub in early 2017, although he had been contributing behind the scenes for a long time in different forms. 

You like the visuals for all our Peak IT editions? Now you know who created them 😉 


Presentation: Why is a job in UX Design the best? And what path should you follow to get one fast? 

The demand for UX designers has been consistently on the rise as businesses recognize the critical role of user experience in product success. This trend presents students or those interested in a career change with a diverse range of opportunities with significant growth potential. 

With an experience of almost 20 years in this domain, working my way up from small start-ups to giants such as IBM or Oracle, I prepared for you a list of tips on how you can fast-track your career start and obtain your first job as a UX Designer.